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Leadership  Coaching & Organizational Strategy

Leader Presence & Team Development

Team & Large Group Facilitation

We believe an organization's vision should serve as a beacon for all leadership effort. The vision guides the achievement of the organization’s mission and purpose. When the vision and mission align and are communicated clearly, achievable strategic direction can be determined. ​

Mission /Strategy
Together, the vision, mission, and strategy determine the appropriate organizational structure. It is within this structure that a variety of strategic management functions are aligned, thereby producing the systems and processes to achieve an organization's longer-term goals.

 Refine Strategy
​We help leaders refine the organization's strategy and determine the most appropriate trade-offs. We provide our consulting services to leaders interested in engaging employees' energy and encouraging their commitment.

We help leaders ask the right strategic questions...and formulate the right responses.

We are Leadership Development experts who FACILITATE  groups of leaders and teams as they confront their leadership challenges.
In addition to leaders performing their strategic duties, they perform a range of individual and team tasks that fine-tune daily operations.  It is therefore imperative that teams and leaders function in synchrony with the organization's vision, mission, and goals.
Micro Bias & Decisionmaking
We help leaders confront their own biases as they learn to recognize and include others' thinking styles, approaches, and feelings. They learn to develop comfortable and appropriate group decisions.   
Small Teams /Large Groups
We work with small teams and large groups to resolve performance challenges or to align on strategic decisions. At POV, our consultants help your large groups and teams determine their best-desired outcomes, methods of working together and the achievement of strategic decisions. 

Leader  Presence
Leadership Presence is about how well your demeanor encourages the reception of your message.
We help leaders develop and hone their specific brand of “executive presence” They display their own unique BRAND of presence with comfort and authenticity.

In addition to their strategic duties, we believe leaders perform a range of functional tasks to fine-tune daily operations. These functions might include project management, department oversight, team development, and a multitude of tasks associated with continuous organizational transformation.  It is therefore imperative that teams and leaders function in synchrony with the vision, mission, and goals.
DO Leadership
Many training and development programs, replete with well-constructed models and video simulations, instruct participants how to “DO” leadership. Fun…sometimes! Stimulating...to a point!  But, at the close of these sessions, many leaders return to their workplaces, ready to use the latest acronyms and buzzwords, with memories of flip-chart covered walls. However, these leaders find themselves unable to “APPLY” this “new thinking” realistically, effectively, and appropriately in the world in which they are required to lead.
BEcome Leaders
We COACH our clients to BE  leaders rather than to DO leadership. In this manner, they are self-guided while confronting their obligations. We use situations that replicate precisely their day-to-day experiences. In addition to having the technical skills required to lead or perform in high-functioning workgroups, effective leaders must be able to build and maintain appropriate emotional connections with others.
We COACH leaders as they BEcome more effective by developing their best communication skills…those with which they are comfortable, personally. Additionally, we help leaders confront their own biases as they learn to understand others’ feelings while developing comfortable and appropriate responses.

Leadership Coaching


Team Development

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